Von Hamburg nach Ellis Island (1913) (Public Domain)

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There are many good reasons to visit museums. Attending an event or an exhibition are just two of these. Museums "show" and "stage", they "educate" and "stimulate". But there is much more to museums than these things: museums are places of safekeeping and research. These are two sides of a museum that are not often visible, yet they build the very core of a museum's visibility. It is the museum objects that are displayed, stored and studied. They are at the center of (almost) all work done in a museum. However, not all of the objects kept in a museum can be showcased at once. Many have to remain in storage, hidden from the visitors.

On this website museums showcase their objects in current exhibits and beyond. More than what can be shown in a museum's viewing space.

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“Smarter” Entry of Links to Vocabularies in musdb

Many imports of data confront us with Places like “Berlin ?” and times like “ca. 1328” konfrontiert. The import tool of museum-digital has been able to handle such entries for quite a time: “Berlin ?” is recognized to mean that the place is actually “Berlin”, but that the entry is not made with complete certainty.

In a similar fashion, the vocabulary control tool of museum-digital, nodac, has been able to parse and normalize time names for some times. While the canonical formulation of e.g. a single day is the German date format DD.MM.YYYY, similar times like “15. Januar 1920” (German) or “1920. január 15” (Hungarian) are entered...

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[{"link":"index.php?t=objekt&oges=239","src":"data\/de-hamburg\/images\/3\/239-c305\/schluessel_zum_krematoriu\/200w_schluessel-zum-krematorium-239-2.jpg","name":"Schl\u00fcssel zum Krematorium"},{"link":"index.php?t=objekt&oges=238","src":"data\/de-hamburg\/images\/3\/238-1\/plastik_der_gestuerzte_ha\/200w_plastik-der-gestuerzte-haeftling-238-2.jpg","name":"Plastik \"Der gest\u00fcrzte H\u00e4ftling\""},{"link":"index.php?t=objekt&oges=241","src":"data\/de-hamburg\/images\/3\/241-g082\/gedenktafel\/200w_gedenktafel-241.jpg","name":"Gedenkzeichen"},{"link":"index.php?t=objekt&oges=242","src":"data\/de-hamburg\/images\/3\/242-b123\/julleuchter\/200w_julleuchter-242.jpg","name":"Julleuchter"},{"link":"index.php?t=objekt&oges=240","src":"data\/de-hamburg\/images\/3\/240-a151\/zigarettenetui\/200w_zigarettenetui-240.jpg","name":"Zigarettenetui"}]