[{"link":"index.php?t=objekt&oges=239","src":"data\/de-hamburg\/images\/3\/239-c305\/schluessel_zum_krematoriu\/200w_schluessel-zum-krematorium-239-2.jpg","name":"Schl\u00fcssel zum Krematorium"},{"link":"index.php?t=objekt&oges=240","src":"data\/de-hamburg\/images\/3\/240-a151\/zigarettenetui\/200w_zigarettenetui-240.jpg","name":"Zigarettenetui"},{"link":"index.php?t=objekt&oges=238","src":"data\/de-hamburg\/images\/3\/238-1\/plastik_der_gestuerzte_ha\/200w_plastik-der-gestuerzte-haeftling-238-2.jpg","name":"Plastik \"Der gest\u00fcrzte H\u00e4ftling\""},{"link":"index.php?t=objekt&oges=241","src":"data\/de-hamburg\/images\/3\/241-g082\/gedenktafel\/200w_gedenktafel-241.jpg","name":"Gedenkzeichen"},{"link":"index.php?t=objekt&oges=242","src":"data\/de-hamburg\/images\/3\/242-b123\/julleuchter\/200w_julleuchter-242.jpg","name":"Julleuchter"}]

API and Export Options

General Notes

In general, the APIs and export options are accessible upon appending &output=format to a given URL. Below, you can find a brief list of the available APIs and export options, aside from RSS feeds.

All APIs are by the way also accessible by using the context (CTRL+Right Click) or the keyboard menu (CTRL+e) on their corresponding HTML page.

We would be happy if you could inform us about your projects based on the API, so that we can contact you in case of changes to the API.


Museum-Digital offers JSON APIs for most of the central pages. This page offers just a brief description - a more thorough one can be found in the handbook (German).

Further export options

Some pages come with additional export options.

Page Purpose Example Format / mime-type
Single institution vCard (e.g. for exporting a contact to Outlook) of an institution Example: contact of institution of ID 1 .vcf / text/vcard
Single institution Calendar of all Exhibitions of an institution Example: exhibitions of institution of ID 1 .ics / text/calendar
Single exhibition Calendar entry of an exhibition Example: exhibition of ID 1 .ics / text/calendar
Single object BibTeX export for referencing an object page Example: object of ID 1 .bib / application/x-bibtex
Single object BibTeX export for all literature entries of an object Example: linked literature of object of ID 1 .bib / application/x-bibtex